The calendar says spring, but as we all know seasons are completely random and not something you easily put in a box. Or a list! Yes, today I’m bringing you a list: a short completely random list on the signs we use in Casa de Unicorn to “predict” spring.

Note: we live in Denmark, so the weather is fickle and doesn’t give a fuck about anything. On with the list!

  • Diana has forgone her jacket while going out, while I still keep my gloves in my pockets. But in my defence I’ve started wearing my Summer jacket.
  • We keep buying flowers. Currently we have red roses.
  • I’v spent at least half a day lying on my bed soaking up the sun like a cat.
  • We start consuming more white wine and sparkling wine than red wine.
  • The clothes get to dry outside for more and more time.
  • It now takes very little for us to be in a good mood, because the potential for sunshine and somewhat warm days are high and we are easy to please that way.
  • Spring cleaning in the apartment is happening.
  • A bird wouldn’t shut up the other evening.
  • Diana’s birthday is coming up and it usually boasts Spring weather, but not always since it has been known to snow.
  • People are wearing shorts outside and I’m cold just thinking about it.
  • We’ve started carrying around sunglasses and Diana even wore hers inside a restaurant.
  • Obligatory Space for what ever Diana thinks is a harbinger of spring. Note: Diana has added more things in the comments! Check them out.
  • Lists are back. Lists are totally a sign of Spring, right?
  • Right!

Have a nice Sunday and go out and enjoy the weather if it is good? I’m spending mine in the library basement at uni, but at least I picked a spot with a nice view.

And now back to the academic way of thinking, reading and writing.

Also, remember to check out Diana’s dreams, because I’ve just updated them with some spectacular links and tell me what your signs of spring are in the comments? I want to know if you also have somewhat odd signs as we do.