So guess what! It’s my birthday in only SIX days.

6 days to go

It is not a particularly special birthday, unless you count the fact that it will be the last year I’m in my twenties. My birthday is always rather special though.

Only once before in my life have I not celebrated my birthday with my mum, even the times I lived in Vienna and England – even the time I was in the army in fact. This year is the second time I am going to have to deal with celebrating the day without her.

You might think that is no big deal, but it kinda is to me. Generally my birthday is a big deal. I go all out with cake and parties and other crazy stuff. This year though, I’ll be celebrating with Rikke and no one else. Not that she is not important but there will be no party. No big birthday weekend with all my friends. No birthday extravaganza at all.

This is saying a lot for someone who has arranged surprise parties and generally come up with awesome birthday gifts. But hey, I have six days left to get used to the idea.