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  1. H. Berg says:

    Is it slightly pathetic that we both like this page..? As the only two?

    1. D. Kohler says:

      Well no one noticed until you pointed it out!

  2. I am slightly baffled right now. Mainly because it has been some time since I looked over the names on the list, but I thought now was a good time since you are introducing the 20 rule.
    Mainly 3 things baffles me.

    1. I “know” approx. 2/3 of the people from Rikkes list, from just the names, whereas I only know a few of Dianas from names only (Apparently not watching enough CW network TV).

    2. This knowledge unfortunately makes me think I would, knowing only the people on Rikkes list, prefer Dianas, even though I know it will be all pretty babyfaced boys and Bradley Cooper when I get the time to google them all… But Rikke… Joshua Jackson, really? Like in real life? And Elijah Wood? Ick…

    3. I would really really enjoy watching you both, in writing, trying to range them in order from 1 to 20 and give reasons for every guys place on the list – Since I’m assuming that it will be more difficult than it actually sounds. So please do…
    At least so I have something to read instead of doing the very annoying job the system has made me do for practically free…

    1. H. Berg says:

      1. I hardly know who half the people on Diana’s list is and I google them the instant she mentions them.

      2. Did you just ick Elijah Wood? And I stand by my love of Joshua Jackson. He might be on the list due to my childhood love of Mighty Ducks and my teenage love of Pacey Witter, but he grew up nice. Give me a scruffy looking present day Jackson in a suit and I’m a happy camper. And did you seriously just ick Elijah Wood?! When everyone was crushing on Orlando Bloom in The Lord of the Rings movies I preferred the cute hobbit that was Elijah. But there is nothing icky about present day Elijah who is almost the embodiment of my type.

      3. I want to say challenge accepted, but I can’t accept without Diana’s consent. It will probably be the hardest piece of writing I’ll ever have to do. Including my upcoming master thesis.

      No, but seriously, did you just ick Elijah Wood? If it wasn’t raining I would be on my way over to you right now to give you a piece of my mind!

    2. D. Kohler says:

      I so want to say challenge accepted but come on, we just agreed to stop talking about boys for a while. Not that I am a regular rule follower, but still.

      I am slightly baffled that neither of you know the people on my list. Get your asses into the couch and your TVs tuned in on some CW. I love that shit. But I have really tried to mix it up with just a couple of the people.

      Hmm, ranking them… I actually like the idea.

      But Gro I don’t like Elijah Wood either, but there is a nice divide between Rikke and I that means we don’t have to spend too much time arguing over the guys. We have one really and he is going to be the downfall of our friendship I am sure. Damn that James Lafferty. This is only because I’ve given up on Ryan Gosling and Matt Bomer ages ago.

      I am really just rambling here, so I should stop.

      1. Rikke –>
        Please please Please Please come over and give me a piece of your mind – it would be a lot more entertaining that what I am currently doing 😉

        That being said – yes I did ick Elijah Wood – and I stand by it – He is icky – and you should know better… The only reason I didn’t ick Joshua Jackson is because somewhere in the back of my mind a remember a lot younger and more teenage version of me, who really thought Joshua Jackson in Urban Legend was sooooooo cute… So for the sake of very much younger me, i did not ick Joshua Jackson…

        That being said I would probably prefer Elijah Wood to Orlando Bloom, but that guy is also so icky, smooth and “a real bad boy” in the worst possible sense of the words, that it almost blows my mind just to think about it… ick ick ick ick Orlando Bloom… ihhhh… ick….*mind blows up and leaves only gif image with cat licking it’s own butt*

        Diana –>
        Well at least there is something here we can build on – a no-love of Elijah Woods…(It will probaby get us no where with my no-love of Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling…)

        And please please consent as Rikke did – i would really really love to see THCOD becoming a list from 1 to 20… Please, Please, Please Diana – pretty please???

      2. D. Kohler says:

        Okay, we’ll do it. But it might be a few days before there is any post from either of us on the subject. We must think this through very thoroughly.

        Do you realise the lengths of the posts that will come out of this? Posting argumentation for every single position on the list will be a tedious and difficult task indeed.

  3. H. Berg says:

    Indeed, Gro, this is not a task we look upon lightly. This will affect us until our last days. We have to make sure that every single place on the list is justified in regards to the others. It will take us many hours of sweat and tears to make a numbered list possible, but we will do it for you!

  4. Yes I am that important 😀 Yey, my life is now complete… But looking forward to the postings… Then at least i have something to look forward to, since this “jobpraktik” most definitely is a dead end going nowhere fast…

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