I can’t believe I’m doing this (again).

It has been more than two years since I last updated my 10 picks for The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider. It has been fixed since beginning of October 2015. But I figure new year, new me. I am not really sure who I have called dibs on since the last update but I have made…

365 – Week 52 – Rikke

365 has come to an end and I am once again both happy and sad. The novelty of taking a picture every day wore off after a handful of months and in the last weeks I’ve been close to forgetting to even take a picture.  But overall I really like documenting my life this way, because…

365 – Week 51 – Rikke

The end is near. And I currently take up the whole frontpage of this blog. Until Diana updates her 365 and retrofits the dates, but for now: it is all mine! But before the end, here’s my week in pictures.

365 – Week 50 – Rikke

Did you know that there is an international standard for almost everything in the world? Because there is and this video shows the international standard for making a cup of tea. International standards are fascinating, even if I’d never make my tea this way.

365 – Week 49 – Rikke

I’ve had the same background for my phone for ages. But this week I’ve changed it to a dog and a pineapple drawn by Dami Lee and I love it so much. It is dumb, bight and perfect. And now my week.

365 – Week 48 – Rikke

I love dumb internet videos so much. Like history of the entire world, i guess. I love it so much that I’ve watched it multiple times despite it being 20 minutes long. Speaking of dumb things, let’s start with Sigurd.

365 – Week 47 – Rikke

One of my favourite television shows is back. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back and I’m still loving it. It has everything you need: Songs, three dimensional female characters, tap dancing, female friendships, more songs, bisexuals, a diverse cast and did I mention songs? It is the best! Anyway, here’s my week. Sadly, it doesn’t feature any…

365 – Week 46 – Rikke

One of my favourite animal things are unlikely animal friends. One animal is cute, two are even cuter, but two vastly different animals being friends? The cutest! So check out this dog and owl being best friends. It is just too cute.

365 – Week 45 – Rikke

This week I’ve been enjoying more Kongerækken. They just released a series about ancient Greece AND they’ve just started a new series about Denmark’s Wars. So if you understand Danish, I highly recommend this podcast, because Anders and Hans Erik retells history really well. But enough about the ancient past let’s get to the more…

365 – Week 44 – Rikke

My, oh my, how far behind with 365 I’ve managed to become. This means that you’re going to see a lot of post this coming week, because I’m getting ready to update all of the weeks. Here we go!

365 – Week 43 – Rikke

Regular Sunday update. What what! I’m feeling poorly today, so this is all the intro you’re going to get.

365 – Week 42 – Rikke

Another day, another 365 update. We are getting close to being back on track! Contrary to week 41, there will be moving boxes and moving activities this week. But first books.