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Oscar Season 2017 is over. We watched a loooot of movies, some good, some bad and a few exceptional. We stayed up all night watching a very excellent Oscar show and just generally enjoyed the journey. So let’s have a look at the results – both who won and how the show got on.

Logan: a conversation

We watched Logan more than a week ago but I never got around to posting our conversation about it and Rikke felt it would be weird for her to post a conversation when I’ve done all the others. *Spoiler alert*

Follow the yellow brick road…

Watching a lot of films in a very short time span is always proving an exhausting, fun, frustrating and learning experience. I am appreciating the Academy Award show much much more when I actually have an opinion and impressions of the nominees. It is also a time of trying to figure out how to find…

Because it’s my name… and I’ll never have another.

With one nomination and lots of feelings against it, Molly’s Game turned out to be quite good for what it is. I enjoyed it, but I also didn’t expect anything extraordinary. It is what it is and it is good at it. Plus, I always forget how much I like Jessica Chastain, so nice of…

Step lightly. You’re a feather. A 2,000 pound feather.

Lastly in the animation category, but not at all least we have Ferdinand. The wonderful story of a peaceful, flower loving bull. I’ve always like this story and I’m super happy to see it adopted into a feature length movie. Disney made a short animated film of this story in 1938 and won the Oscar…

A 2018 conversation about Live Action short films.

Whereas the animated short films are heartbreaking, yet often very beautiful in their animation, the live action shorts are a whole other story. They are often brutally honest and heart-wrenching. They are pure and stories screaming to get told. We love them and we are about to go on this year’s adventure. Another Spoiler alert!

A 2018 conversation about animated short films.

Dear readers! Once upon a time – approximately two years ago – Rikke and I started the conversation format. We were going to talk about all of the 2015 Oscar nominated short films. We did it then, we did it last year and this year we’ve done it for quite a few of the feature…

Now, whatever this thing is, you need it. So, you just tell me what to do.

The Shape of Water leads this year with 13 nominations. That is a lot, but it is also a wonderful movie. It has everything; great performances, wonderful sound, stunning visuals and a good story. It is everything that makes a movie good. Seriously, this was an event of a movie. I was completely absorbed.

And never forget how much your family cares for you.

Coco is the Disney/Pixar animation movie up for Animated Film and it was delightful, if a bit predictable. But what is a Disney movie without a little predictability? It is also funny, heartwarming and gives children a new way to look at and understand death. All in all a good package.

I feel as if I’ve been looking for you for a very long time.

Phantom Thread, what can I say. This is a slow burn with a distinct focus on character study and relationships. The actors shine even more so than the beautiful dresses our main character creates, even if the story has an odd quality to it. It also features a beautiful score.