(Le) Bob: Nickname for Rikke. It started when she was in Tanzania looong ago, because SURPRISE Rikke is not an easily pronounced name for people not from Denmark. The dad in her host family named her Bob – after Reggae King Bob Marley – and Rikke stuck with the name for the rest of her travels and interaction with non-Danes. Then Rikke also encountered Peter and he decided she needed a French twist and Le Bob was born.

Casa de Unicorn: Home of your intrepid bloggers.

CUMBERBUNNIES!: Firstly chocolate bunnies that look like Cinnamon Toastencrunch and secondly the only proper way of ending a CAPS LOCK SENTENCE. CUMBERBUNNIES!

Dennis: Nickname for Diana. It started when she had her first shift in the Friday bar at uni as a way for Peter to annoy her. Unluckily for him Diana is made of stronger stuff and adopted the name. Mostly because she had bigger balls that the guys in the bar. Boom!

Dennis and Bob: Even our nicknames are best friends.

Friendship Reasons: Snapshots of texts that makes the reasons why we are friends that much clearer.

The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider (THCOD): Our respective lists of celebrities we’ve called dibs on. It was once the only thing that kept this blog going.

Hot Dad Ruffalo: Mark Ruffalo

The James Lafferty Effect: That time Diana had a complete brain spasm and gave Rikke the right to James Lafferty in The Hot Ownership Divider. It was a thing. A HUGE THING!

Tom and Selleck: Our name for Tom Selleck because the credits for Blue Bloods don’t know how to order words.

Leonard: Leonardo DiCaprio – because sidereel.com had a brain fart and we wouldn’t let it go.

Ludo: Our alibi to get out of jail. If anyone asks Rikke was green, Diana was red and red always wins. We have no prisoner’s dilemma, we simply deny deny deny.

Scotty Biscotty: Awesome nickname for Scott McCall when we live tweet Teen Wolf

Spaaaaaaaaaaaaace!: Phrase from Extra Hot Great that we use in conjunction with Rikke’s galaxy leggins and whenever we feel like it.

Teddy: A bear crochet by Diana’s mom. He likes adventures.