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James Lafferty

Cutting it to the bone.

I’m mixing it all up.

Contains: Fangirling, shallowness and objectification.

I wonder…

So I said aye and am now supposed to cut two people of my list. Unless one of the men I have on their now decides on an operation to become a woman, in which case I have a vacant spot, but that one we can get to some other time.

I am still considering who to cut as I am writing so I have no clue where this post is heading, but I would like to complain over the fact that you led me to believe James Lafferty would be one of your first cuts and he is not. I feel betrayed and absolutely in chock from your choices. The fact that you have yet a vacant spot before you once more must cut one is very hard for me to grasp. I guess I will just have to live with my mistake a little longer. But before I get off this issue I would like to point out that your CW reasoning also goes for Mr. Lafferty – thank you very much! Continue reading “I wonder…”

We are the ones who make the rules.

I will try to keep all of my points as short as I can possibly master (which will probably not be that short).

Penny - what

WHAT?! We have 24 guys each? That is crazy! I really do suggest that we keep it at a 25 maximum as to make the craziness just slightly less crazy, because as you would say; Were not barbaric. Continue reading “We are the ones who make the rules.”

You forced me to bring guys back into this.

I think we have done a great deal of work with not talking about man meat all the time, but after lunch today you’ve forced me to bring it back up by demanding that I request an addition to my part of THCOD here instead of real life.

So here goes. I would really like Stephen Amell.

For obvious reasons!
For obvious reasons!

Continue reading “You forced me to bring guys back into this.”

Okay then…

You get Jake. But only because I have Austin and they are friends (because hanging out with them together is so likely).

I am turning way to soft here. I gave you James without a fight and now I am suddenly giving you Jake also. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Still you can have Clive Owen (and I am not really giving anything up there). Continue reading “Okay then…”

Dead (wo)men tell no tales.

Unless they are me. For this post is coming to you from beyond the grave. Yes, I read that you willingly gave me James and I promptly died of disbelief and thoughts of ulterior motives, but mostly just plain old shock. So I thank you and promise to never mention it again in fear of you changing your mind. Continue reading “Dead (wo)men tell no tales.”

Better mood?

First of all I am in an all better mood now – sort of.

None of the issues are fixed, but I’ll survive because that is what I do. And yes I know that I am ungrateful and that there are loads of other people on this earth that are way worse off than me but I can’t really think about that right now. I know that I should be happy that I was born into a world where education is free and my parents can afford to help me and generally the state provides for me. I even have a pension fund that is getting considerably larger than I thought it would be by the time I was 24 (granted, I was expecting it to be zero)… Continue reading “Better mood?”

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