365 – Week 43 – Rikke

Regular Sunday update. What what! I’m feeling poorly today, so this is all the intro you’re going to get. Advertisements

365 – Week 42 – Rikke

Another day, another 365 update. We are getting close to being back on track! Contrary to week 41, there will be moving boxes and moving activities this week. But first books.

365 – Week 41 – Rikke

As promised her is the next instalment of my 365. This is going to be less moving boxes that you’d think considering that I moved most of my things to the new apartment that weekend. But let’s get to the good stuff. Me in a robe.

365 – Week 40 – Rikke

I’ve almost been moving into my new apartment for the past three weeks. Or so it feels. So I haven’t had the spare time nor been in the mood to do 365. So you’ll get the last couple of weeks the next couple of days. Yay.

365 – Week 39 – Rikke

One of my favourite Cracked video series just released a new episode. It is called Hilarious Helmet History and if that doesn’t convince you that you need to watch it, then I don’t know what else to do. Okay, it is about the history of the world told though the helmets/hats worn during key times….

365 – Week 38 – Rikke

As promised, here’s the newest round of pictures. I wrote this up yesterday, because it was still raining when I was done, but as I’m getting ready to schedule this the rain has stopped, so I’m going to venture out and hope it stays dry.

365 – week 37 – Diana

“I’m singing in the rain Just singing in the rain What a glorious feelin’ I’m happy again”

365 – Week 37 – Rikke

It is raining and I’m waiting for it to stop so I can go buy some groceries – I need milk for my breakfast tomorrow – so I thought I might as well give you these pictures which you should have had last Sunday. I’m thinking I’ll put today’s rightful pictures up tomorrow.

365 – Week 36 – Rikke

It is summer in Denmark, which means that it is currently raining. I hope the weather is better when this post goes up. If not, here’s my new favourite piece of classical music – the very repetitive and amazing Boléro – which you can enjoy with some tea or coffee while you peruse my week.