365 – Week 52 – Rikke

365 has come to an end and I am once again both happy and sad. The novelty of taking a picture every day wore off after a handful of months and in the last weeks I’ve been close to forgetting to even take a picture.  But overall I really like documenting my life this way, because…

365 – Week 51 – Rikke

The end is near. And I currently take up the whole frontpage of this blog. Until Diana updates her 365 and retrofits the dates, but for now: it is all mine! But before the end, here’s my week in pictures.

365 – Week 50 – Rikke

Did you know that there is an international standard for almost everything in the world? Because there is and this video shows the international standard for making a cup of tea. International standards are fascinating, even if I’d never make my tea this way.

365 – Week 49 – Rikke

I’ve had the same background for my phone for ages. But this week I’ve changed it to a dog and a pineapple drawn by Dami Lee and I love it so much. It is dumb, bight and perfect. And now my week.

365 – Week 48 – Rikke

I love dumb internet videos so much. Like history of the entire world, i guess. I love it so much that I’ve watched it multiple times despite it being 20 minutes long. Speaking of dumb things, let’s start with Sigurd.

365 – Week 47 – Rikke

One of my favourite television shows is back. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back and I’m still loving it. It has everything you need: Songs, three dimensional female characters, tap dancing, female friendships, more songs, bisexuals, a diverse cast and did I mention songs? It is the best! Anyway, here’s my week. Sadly, it doesn’t feature any…