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Special Guest: Gro; A Hipsters Guide to THCOD

Special Guest: Peter – Another one bites the dust…

Well now, that everybody else have weighed, In with their opinion. I had better add my voice to , to the Oscar buzz.

So just like Gro, Diana and Rikke, I will post 9 films in three different categories, those three being:

  • Biggest disappointment
  • Expected to hate but really really liked
  • Expected to like and really liked

So without further ado here is the three films, which I personally feel should have been left out of this year’s Oscar nominations, even though I actually were looking forward to seeing these films: Continue reading “Special Guest: Peter – Another one bites the dust…”

Special Guest: Gro – Hipster Much? At the Oscars

Firstly, thanks to Diana and Rikke for letting me be a guest on their awesome blog, you guys are the best!

My first contribution will a rant about the Oscars, something I have been doing ever since we all decided to do the “hipster thing”, making a night out of watching the Oscars together, but only after having watched the movies from all the major categories. Ever since I have been ranting, because that is what I do best.

As a gesture to Rikke and Diana, I have decided to spare you (the reader) of some of my pointless ranting, and actually try to theme the rant around specific talking points, that is relevant to the Oscars, so here goes nothing:

“What to watch and what to avoid when watching Oscar nominees, a Hipsters guideContinue reading “Special Guest: Gro – Hipster Much? At the Oscars”

Special Guest: Joanna weighs in.

Special Guest: Pernille weighs in.

Special Guest: Joanna weighs in – Ladies edition.

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