Supply and demand.

I’m sitting on the couch enjoying some random internet time when Diana all but demands that I post more Friendship Reasons, because we have so many of them and she wants entertainment, I guess? But as I’m not actively doing anything else I will allow her to get her way this time.

A few of our favourite things.

While we wait for the countdown to Diana’s birthday to continue, I thought I would entertain you with yet another round of Friendship Reasons. Since last post we’ve jumped to reason #52, which is the newest posted reason, but the oldest of all the reasons. Thanks Timehop. So let’s go.

It’s a gif off.

Sometimes Rikke and I have a “gif off”. It is basically just sending gifs back and forth. No one ever really wins, but we have fun while it is happening. Our newest “gif off” was a true Channing Tatum battle. I thought of making this a #FriendshipReason, but this is more awesome. Enjoy!    …

United in Texts.

We’ve started resurrecting #FriendshipReason on Instagram, but we haven’t updated the blog with them since the 6th reason. This means that we are waaaaay behind, because Diana posted reason number 50 just the other day. So without further ado here is another bunch of reasons why we are friends and a general look into how…