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Channing Tatum

It’s a gif off.

Cutting it to the bone.

Project upon project.

So we live together. We have for a year and a half actually. I know, it is crazy. So some of the projects we started, including this one, which made sense when we lived apart, have sort of died or at least become dormant.

Projects is something we do a lot and the other day you exclaimed: “Don’t you think we have enough projects?”, when I suggested we watch all of Channing Tatum’s movies from beginning to now.  Continue reading “Project upon project.”

I’m mixing it all up.

This is a tough one to complete.

Magic Mike Review.

Okay, so we saw Magic Mike with a movie theater filled with somewhat screaming girls – and one guy who clearly was more whipped than whipped since he saw it with his girlfriend. (Neither Diana’s or my gaydar pinged.)

It was entertaining. I am not going to say it was well-written or well-acted, because let’s face it: It was never supposed to be those things, but it was entertaining. And somehow and I’m not quite sure how it felt real. It was not overacted and even though they all portrayed caricatures they seemed like real people. Continue reading “Magic Mike Review.”

One day!

So tomorrow is the big day! After months and months of looking forward to this – sometimes frustratingly in the unknown as to when – it is finally here.

Magic Mike!

Continue reading “One day!”

Three days!

I thought long (approximately 1392 minutes) and hard about what I wanted to contribute with in my countdown. The obvious choice would have been to post my four absolute must sees for 2012, but since you had to cheat to really find something good I decided instead to give you (drum roll please…)

My three favourite Channing Tatum Cheesy scenes:

Like cheesy for real.

Continue reading “Three days!”

The story of how my DVD collection turned into bad acting.

Yes I have to admit it: My DVD collection is a strange mixture of titles, whereof most are not exactly known for incredible acting performances. I really don’t know when it happened, but I do have an idea how. First of all the not so great actors are often unbearably good looking. Just take Channing Tatum and Paul Walker (Why is he not on my list?). Continue reading “The story of how my DVD collection turned into bad acting.”

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