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What a night!

So all of that happened. By now you all know of the epic clusterfuck that ended the ceremony, but it was so weird to sit and watch. Everything was chaos and we didn’t know what was going on. I can’t even imagine how chaotic that room would have been.

26-feb-2017 We went all out at home. Comfy pyjamas, healthy snacks and soda on each our couch with computers on the ready to better inspect the dresses and follow along with Twitter. It is one of my favourite nights of the year.

(Okay one bag of chips. We’re only human after all. Also this is my 365 for Sunday, so you’ll get to see it again next Sunday. Yay.)

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Having a life is not an option i February.

Another year of watching a lot of movies is drawing towards the end. It has been a tough one this year because of the mere 33 days between the nomination announcements and tonight’s award ceremony. The plan was to watch 37 of the nominated movies, but My life as a zucchini has been impossible to get a hold of and I’ve simply decided to skip Toni Erdmann due to time constraints and work.

The rest I’ve watched though and I am generally pleased. The last few years I’ve had some movies that I’ve been very much against, and often they’ve been nominated in waaaaay more categories than they’ve deserved. This year none of that is true. My disappointments have very few nominations.

Should we just get to it? I think so!

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I know we have some enemies. But we have some friends, too.

Loving is the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple who broke the law and got married. I’m sure many other couples did the same at the time, but the Lovings are the couple who sued the state of Virginia and won, thus banishing all laws against anti-miscegenation in the United States of America.

This movie tell the story of that landmark case, but that’s not actually the point of the movie. Love is the point of the movie.

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Another conversation about shorts.

Let’s continue the short film chats with the live action shorts.

Again, spoilers ahoy.

Mindenki – Hungary – 25 minutes

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A Man Called Ove is great! I knew people have praised and loved the book, but besides Ove’s name I knew nothing. And I’m glad. It was a great movie and despite hitting some very standard narrative points, it is a beautiful life affirming movie.

It i billed as a comedy on IMDb, but I’d rather call it a comedic drama. There are some very dramatic moments in Ove’s life story, but Ove is not a grumpy old man like people think. Ove likes order and will yell at you if you don’t act according to the rules, but he is also a man who believes in helping people and being kind like his recently deceased wife.


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I tell the truth to my kids. I don’t lie to my kids.

I didn’t expect a lot from Captain Fantastic. I didn’t even know the plot until I looked it up at the beginning at the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed this little gem.

Viggo – who is nominated for actor in a leading role – plays the father of six who along with his wife have left the grid and have raised their children in the forest of Washington. He is anti-everything and believe that the physical training and non-sanctioned homeschooling he and his wife have done is indeed the best for his family. Then the wife commits suicide while in the hospital and the road trip to free her from her christian family begins.


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This is the dream! It’s conflict and it’s compromise, and it’s very, very exciting!

La La Land was the fourth and last Oscar movie that we saw in the cinema and I’m so happy that we did, because it really did shine on the big screen. The colourful production design, the wonderful score and the original songs, the beautiful cinematography to mention just a few, really popped on the big screen. It made for a full experience of the city of dreams.

So La La Land ended up with 14 nominations – tied in for most nominations with All About Eve and Titanic. Both leads are nominated, score and two songs, both sound editing and mixing, production design and costume design, cinematography, editing, directing, original screenplay and best picture. That is a lot. I can get behind all of them. It was a really great movie. I can’t get behind it winning all of them, but the I don’t mind the nominations.


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The Salesman is Iran’s nomination for foreign language film and I quite liked. It is a relationship drama about how violence affects the relationship between our two leads, Rana and Emad. The couple moves to a new apartment, which was formerly occupied by a woman of ill repute – no one ever says prostitute, but that is what the woman was – and Rana is attacked. The story then follows how both Rana and Emad react to the attack and handle the other’s reaction.

The title is comes from the fact that the couple plays the lead roles in a production of Death of a Salesman. I haven’t seen or read the play, so I don’t know how significant it is and what extra levels it might add to the movie.

The Salesman.jpg

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You have to do this or that, but meanwhile life is just passing by.

So I just watched Toni Erdmann and it was an experience? It’s a very long movie where not a lot happens, but a lot still happens. It’s two hours and 42 minutes long, yet feels longer because nothing really happens. It is a simple exploration of a father/daughter relationship and they do stuff together and apart, they have a strained relationship, but manages to get along while doing some pretty odd things. It is really hard to describe.

Also there’s a character named Henneberg. His company employs the consulting company the daughter works for. The dad pretends to be his life coach – or something?

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