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You are now entering the minds of two highly random and odd human beings. Consider this your warning.

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D. Kohler

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Diana has an outspoken passion for anything media - be it new or old - but always with focus on grammar and using full words rather than that awful text speak kids use these days. She is an old soul in a new body who still finds time to enjoy a good dance off in her unicorn onesie. Diana is a hard shipper of TV couples, with a weakness for any man who can pull off a nice suit. Maybe therefore she has a soft spot for Jane Austen and her fancy men though Darcy will always be the one above everyone else.

P. Borby

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Who am I ? I'm 24601 ohh wait never mind. I'm 37, Dane, and apparently i forgot to act my age...

R. Henneberg

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Rikke is fan of the metric system and loves rainy days. She is an introverted extrovert who loves dance breaks and dark chocolate. Rikke is an amateur silly person, professional tea drinker and aspiring mug collector. She is an avid book reader, podcast listener and consumer of television shows. Rikke wishes fewer people would use text speak, but embraces internet slang and is aware of the inherent double standard, but she does not care. Rikke sometimes comes across as being 80 and other times as being eight and has learned to live it and asks you to do the same. Rikke is a member of The Unicorn Success Club and invites everyone to join.

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