365 – week 24 – Diana


“Music is love,
love is music,
music is life,
and I love my life.
Thank you and good night.”

04.05.2017 – Spent time with my mum today and it was brilliant. We had a great lunch after I’d been to the hairdresser. The sun was shining and we went shopping for a lovely dinner. I wish I had time for more of these kind of days. 

05.05.2017 – JOHN MAYER!!! Rikke and I had a great time at the concert we’ve been waiting for for so long. He was amazing and all the music was felt throughout the body. The music solos were amazing and it was a blast. I already consider which concert to be the next.
06.05.2017 – Went to Valby (way earlier than I was ready for after last night) and it was a great day with really great insights. I am always amazed at how passionate people are about creating a better country and world beginning with creating a better organisation to help the work we do.
07.05.2017 – Decided that Sundays are for doing absolutely nothing. My dad watched a lot of football and me and mum just enjoyed each others company. Having a sort of early mother’s day as my mum will be in Norway next week for the real one.
08.05.2017 – A lot of product changes at work today which was celebrated with energy drinks and cake. I got to work after two so no cake was left when I finally arrived. Loads of energy drinks though, but I really don’t like those.
09.05.2017 – I accidentally walked a red light today, because I didn’t realise before I was half way across the road that the traffic lights were actually on. Does this mean that they will be done with the Letbane soon? I hope so!
10.05.2017 – Rikke has wanted to buy a new computer for a while but haven’t really decided on one – at least until today because we went to buy one. She is called Yoga and Rikke already loves her. The Hulk will now return to the cupboard where he will be stored until maybe one day he will help another lost soul.

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