365 – week 23 – Diana


“When it rains –
look for the rainbows.
When it’s dark –
look for the stars.”

27.04.2017 – It is making life a lot easier when the sun shines. When the sun shines as you leave work it makes it hard not to smile. I absolutely love spring. My favourite time of year finally seems to be peeking out.
28.04.2017 – A much needed day off took Rikke and I to ARoS. We first went to Aarhus Street Food for lunch and then had a great dose of culture. We ended our trip in the rainbow because you have to go to the rainbow when you visit ARoS. Also it makes for great pictures.
29.04.2017 – When I work weekends I have to sit in another room so that we are gathered a bit more. Normally I sit right at the window next to the ne with the yellow screen. I can basically see my screens and chair from where I’ve found myself sitting during weekends now.
30.04.2017 – Camilla and Jesper suggested game night, so when I finally got home from work they had made dinner for me. I joined in on the games and we decided on Bezzerwizzer. As always it was great fun.
01.05.2017 – New people are starting soon and hence there is being redecorated a bit in the room I’m normally occupying at work. All the wires used to be on the floor and I got all tangled up in them. After everyone else pushed and dragged tables I decided to fix the wire situation and I did. Look how pretty it is.
02.05.2017 – So someone should spend less time vandalising busses and more time in school learning how to spell and construct sentences. It basically reads: “Fuck ticket stewartes (I have no better translation of a word that doesn’t even exist in Danish) Never drive anything but black”.
03.05.2017 – Went to my parents’ house to hang out with my mum tomorrow and because this weekend is going to be absolute chaos so I first have to borrow my mums car and then my granddads. My mum crochet. She made these two dogs. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the sexes of the dogs. Are they two girls or a boy and a girl?

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