365 – week 22 – Diana


“Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition…”

20.04.2017 – Nothing much happened today except me actually delivering great customer experiences at work. That is something I guess.
21.04.2017 – We got the nice herbs from Camilla and Jesper and I tried to get them to grow during the easter holiday when Rikke weren’t home but it seems there is not much life in these.
22.04.2017 – Rikke and I are celebrating Italian week, and hence have made a lot of lasagna. Like a lot! But it is a good thing because it tastes delicious.
23.04.2017 – Every once in a while I join in on group messenger chats. Tonight I did so and it ended up with me able to share this beauty of a screenshot. Isn’t it magnificent?
24.04.2017 – For some reason I’ve had two nights alone at work this week. As in the only one in the room (there are other people in other rooms and in other locations around the country). This is what a lone room looks like. At least it is still bright.
25.04.2017 – Before my late shift at work today I went into town because I had to buy some new lotion and then I accidentally bought the last two books of the Selection series. Can’t wait to get reading. I just love how pretty these are.
26.04.2017 – I work a lot. As in a lot. Two hours of transport every day doesn’t help on the feeling of working a lot. Here is a headset. My ears are beginning to hate these.

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