365 – Week 22 – Rikke

Normally when I can’t sleep I listen to an audiobook – I have a few tried and true ones, that work every time. But lately I’v been using the memory palace from Nate DiMeo. It is short episodes, ten to fifteen minutes, where Nate tells a new hidden story from history. The soundtrack is calming and Nate’s voice is perfect for telling these small stories giving them the weight they need.

So yeah, go listen because it is legit one of my favourites. Listen while you look at the following pretty pictures.

20 Apr 2017
Thursday, 20 April 2017: I’ve been using this shelving unit as a put-random-stuff-place this year, so I finally decided dis-assemble it and move things around in my room.

21 Apr 2017
Friday, 21 April 2017: Mette texted me asking me if I wanted to get hot chocolate. I very much did. So we met up and had hot chocolate and then we decided to use my brand new ARoS membership card to wander around the museum and look at fancy art.
22 Apr 2017
Saturday, 22 April 2017: I went to Dokk1 for an event called Art Bubble, which is a comic book festival and this is what I brought home. Comic by Lloyd Davis of Eat My Paint, print from The Legend of La Maiposa by James Lawerence and a print of Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson
23 Apr 2017
Sunday, 23 April 2017: Diana and I were stationed here most of the day.
24 Apr 2017
Monday, 24 April 2017: We had pizza yesterday and Diana packed it up leaving me this lovely message for when I ate cold pizza for lunch today. Cold pizza is great.
25 Apr 2017
Tuesday, 25 April 2017: #LetMeFemsplain today was really great. I love these strangers I chat with every week so much.
26 Apr 2017
Wednesday, 26 April 2017: Things are growing in the aquarium. I don’t think this is a good thing. So we’re going to go talk to the fish guy on Friday to see what we can do. Because this can’t be good.



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