365 – Week 21 – Rikke

Happiest of Sunday to all. This week I’m going to recommend that you all listen to Kim Reed’s Little House on the Podcast on the Previously.TV Podcast Network, whether or not you’ve actually seen Little House on the Prairie, because her rundown of the episodes are amazing. I haven’t watch the show since I was a kid, but it really doesn’t matter because the fun is her commentary and not the actual plot – which is slow af.

Not slow af is my week in pictures. Let’s go!

13 Apr 2017
Thursday, 13 April 2017: My dad has his first training of the season this weekend, so I helped him calibre the angle of the wheels. Okay, I don’t know what it is called in English, but basically we made sure the wheels didn’t turn the same angle, so that he gets a sharper turn. There was a surprising amount of math involved.

14 Apr 2017
Friday, 14 April 2017: I had the house to myself, since my parents had a thing, so I took a bubble bath and watched Witless.
15 Apr 2017
Saturday, 15 April 2017: My mom and sister really wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast. I was reluctant because I thought the posters looked creepy. Diana had seen it and was convinced that I would like it. Everyone was right and I quite liked it.
16 Apr 2017
Sunday, 16 April 2017: Easter dinner at the grandparents’ place. So we ended up playing the oldest version of Matador – the Danish version of Monopoly. We played in teams, and since Mette and I couldn’t roll the dice propper, we lost. Big time.
17 Apr 2017
Monday, 17 April 2017: I forgot my camera at the grandparents’ place yesterday, but luckily for me they had plans to go for a bike ride, so they brought it back to me. Because they were dressed for biking all afternoon, we had coffee in the greenhouse.
18 Apr 2017
Tuesday, 18 April 2017: Going back home to Aarhus. Dirt roads and wheeled suitcase is not the best match in the world.
19 Apr 2017
Wednesday, 19 April 2017: I had an appointment to donate plasma today. It went really well when the blood went out, but when it had to go back into me the vein and the needle was not on the same level, so my skin got really tense and it hurt real bad. So the nurse technician disconnected everything and gave me some cooling gel, since I would get a giant bruise. And me being me, means that it will be extra big. Luckily they’ve changed the waiting times between donations, so I can go back in two weeks and do it again.

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