365 – week 21 – Diana

“I’m afraid
train of thought
left the station.”

13.04.2017 – I finally had a whole day off from work and other obligations. Rikke wasn’t home so I pampered myself all day. Didn’t unlock the door at any point and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. I dared to mask and just enjoyed life.
14.04.2017 – National holidays don’t mean I’m off work, as people still need support for their internet and TV. It was great to arrive home and able to enjoy these flowers Rikke bought the other day. Luckily I can look forward to a whole weekend alone with no plans what so ever.
15.04.2017 – So the stores have been closed for two days and they will be closed both tomorrow and monday so I had to go do a bit of light shopping. Only problem: it was pouring rain. I did it though at a point where it didn’t rain too much, so I managed to not get completely soaked. The rest of the day is for relaxation.
16.04.2017 – Since I’ve been extremely busy for the last few weeks, the apartment have sort of been left to itself. I made up for that today and did a proper cleaning. Floors and dusting. I was going to do the windows also but then I was missing a charger for the smart cleaner thing I borrowed from my brother. I managed to get through a whole audiobook while tidying and cleaning, so multitasking for the win.
17.04.2017 – Another national holiday at work and absolutely nothing to do. Most people were enjoying the clearing weather and not really bothering with calling in about TV or internet. Most people probably didn’t even notice if there was a problem with it. On the upside it made time for me taking amazing selfies such as this beauty.
18.04.2017 – Sometimes everything just works out and fits together. Today was not one of those days. I should have been to Copenhagen for a meeting at URK, but alas I had to work the late shift, so that didn’t happen. At least we weren’t completely overwhelmed at work.
19.04.2017 – Finally got the thing charged and I did the outside of the windows Yesterday. I could have done the inside today, but then we were all off work at the same time and I was asked to join the others for dinner at Lene’s place. I said yes, but forgot to take a picture, so you’ll have to do with this boring picture of the window cleaning gear.

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