365 – Week 20 – Rikke

Happy Easter to all who celebrate and just a regular old happy Sunday to everyone else. This weekend I’ve become obsessed with Todrick Hall’s Low. It will surprise no one that I found it through Mark and Sarah Talk About Songs. The song is from Todrick’s The Wizard of Oz concept album: Straight Outta Oz. The song is amazing as it is, but the video just elevates it and I can’t stop listening.

And now to something completely different.

6 Apr 2017
Thursday, 6 April 2017: The thing about being sick is that you sleep a lot, which means that sometimes it’s pretty hard to fall asleep at night.

7 Apr 2017
Friday, 7 April 2017: Camilla and Jesper came over to play Jesper new amazing game – that I did not get a picture off, so here’s when we played Love Letter Batman Edition to end the evening.
8 Apr 2017
Saturday, 8 April 2017: To cheer ourselves up we bought Spangsberg Flødeboller, because we deserve it.
9 Apr 2017
Sunday, 9 April 2017: All the cacti have come out of their winter dormancy, so I gave them all a good shower. #CactiQueen
10 Apr 2017
Monday, 10 April 2017: I’ve been doing pretty good during the weekend with being almost completely well again, but Monday after having gone to bed I woke myself up coughing. Being sick is annoying.
11 Apr 2017
Tuesday, 11 April 2017: Diana texted me that out internet speed got upgraded, so I moved stuff and hooked the computer up to the router to check it real proper.
12 Apr 2017
Wednesday, 12 April 2017: Yes, I’m a cliché of a cat lady, but I really like my mom’s cat and wish I had a cat of my own, so you’ll just have to accept that when I visit my parents the first picture is going to be of Mille.

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