365 – Week 20 – Diana

“Drop everything now.
Meet me in the
pouring rain:”

06.04.2017 – Lærke folded a rabbit for me and it has now joined the duck beneath my screen at work. It is very cute and I have no clue how she made it so I’ll just have to ask her to make me another one if it need company.

07.04.2017 – I finally had a whole day off, which was very much needed after a looong birthday week. Rikke and I did the #DareToMask challenge from The Body Shop because our skin is worth it and we love to face mask.
08.04.2017 – Some people do not know how to behave, which means bus sheds, or in this case, bus signs get shattered. I don’t dare to think about how much it costs to fix these every year, but people need to stop.
09.04.2017 – Waiting for the bus on a Sunday morning and then suddenly noticing a six of spades on the ground calls for a picture to be taken. It was really all that happened. Sundays at works are sort of blah.
10.04.2017 – Because all the new ones of us did such a great job during our first few weeks we got easter eggs today. They weren’t eggs but made of chocolate so it was amazing! Marcipan and chocolate thank you’s are the best kind of thank you’s.
11.04.2017 – I wanted sushi and after a little bit of convincing Rikke was up for it too. We haven’t had sushi in such a long time so it tasted even better than normally. It was like little pieces of heaven to sweeten a week I really just need to be over. I am so tired.
12.04.2017 – Received a text today. The translation of the text (including incorrect tenses and questions) reads: “Diana, have you received an new photo message.” I don’t know weird spam text, have I? I think so. I also think I deleted you the second after I took this screencap.

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