365 – week 18 – Diana

“I’m 30
but I still feel
like I’m 20…
Until I hang out
with 20 year olds.
Then I’m like no,
never mind,
I’m 30.”

23.03.2017 – Camilla wrote me while at work asking if we wanted to play some games. We did (we being Rikke and I). We had dinner together and played Jesper’s new game, he got for Christmas. It was great but we played until midnight which means I will be very tired for work tomorrow. No worries I can sleep when I’m old.

24.03.2017 – I don’t want to sleep when I’m old. I want to sleep now. I am old now. I am almost 30. But I survived work and when I got home Rikke had left for Viborg. I enjoyed the evening with the fish and whatever lifeform is growing from/on/in/with our plant. It has to go before it kills one of us in our sleep.
25.03.2017 – Every third week we are all off from work, which means PARTY TIME. This time it was in order to celebrate my old age, which we did brilliantly. We had shots, cider and beer. We had drinks and we had so much fun. Partying is for young people so I guess that means I am still young.
26.03.2017 – Ooooooouuuccchhhh. Everything hurts today. Lærke and Christian stayed for the night and we hung out until after noon watching movies and sleeping a bit on the couch. After I had to go to the store and for some unexplainable reason I decided to colour my hair. Not this colour, though that was the last I used, but a darker and less red one. I love it but I do not love life today.
27.03.2017 – As I get off from work late tomorrow I decided to bake today and bring cake tomorrow and not on my actual birthday. Føtex was out of raspberries so Rikke and I went for an evening walk down to Netto to buy some. luckily they did have them so I managed to bake the best cake in the world for everyone at work.
28.03.2017 – Some idiot decided to walk into the cake on my way to work so half the raspberry topping ended up on the sidewalk. Luckily my mum arrived today and she bought me flowers. Rikke had already bought flowers too so the apartment is now full of them. My mum also brought Fuchsia the tiny pink giraffe. I love both the giraffe and the flowers and now everything is good again.
29.03.2017 – I’m no longer in my twenties. I’m now a thirty-something. A friend of mine welcomed me to life 3.0, which is how I want to view it. Luckily I had amazing colleagues, family and friends to celebrate me all day long. It was one of the best birthdays ever and honestly it doesn’t feel any different than 29 did. Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me.

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