365 – week 17 – Diana

“Spring is
nature’s way
of saying
Let’s party.”

16.03.2017 – Originally I had a meeting at the bank today but it was cancelled. I still wanted to go see my parents, so I did. Tried to take a good picture with my mum but with the two of us wearing glasses we had to do strange angles in order not to have light in the glass. We almost managed.

17.03.3017 – We all got off at the same time from work today so naturally we ignored that most of us have to work tomorrow and instead went to Lærke’s place for some beer. We did shots too and all of us were in a great mood when we went home. Not so excited about tomorrow. But very excited about the fun I have with these great peopz.
18.03.2017 – I work in a giant building and during the weekend it is very empty. As evident by this very sharp picture I took while walking the halls during a break. P.s. drinking yesterday turned out to be an ok idea. No hangovers today.
19.03.2017 – Since we are less people at work during the weekend we are all gathered in one room, which means I don’t get to sit in my own chair at my own computer. I am not a giant fan og this but I survive. Luckily it is only every third weekend I have a couple of days at someone else’s desk.
20.03.2017 – Finally I am back at my own desk. My team manager arranged my ducks so that the queen is on a pedestal and have all of her loyal subjects looking up to her as the majestic duck queen she is.
21.03.2017 – For my day off I had to go to a meeting in Copenhagen with my fellow URK people. We had a great meeting and it was amazing seeing them again. Spending 7-8 hours in a train will never really be enjoyable though. Luckily I didn’t have to take the train from track 26.
22.03.2017 – Lærke and Lene ordered extremely ugly hats. I had to document it for you to believe how ugly they are. On a positive not my team manager told me that for every sale I make they have a day where they are not allowed to wear the hats. I have to start selling.

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