365 – week 16 – Diana

“Before you judge me
make sure that
you’re perfect.”

09.03.2017 – Not only did I bring cake to work today, but the sun is also beginning to come out, so I enjoyed a nice bus ride to work with the morning sun in my face. Love this life of mine.

10.03.2017 – Today was a very very busy day. I handled 71 calls. It is my record to date and I was on the phone talking to customers for 94% of my time at work. It was crazy. Crazy busy.
11.03.2017 – Jesper and Camilla came over to play some games. Since we had the weekend off and we never realise how long of a game it is we ended up playing Sherlock. The difficulty level from case one was very high and we lost magnificently. But we enjoyed each other’s company.
12.03.2017 – Technically a picture from yesterday but it was taken today and it needs to be shared as much as possible. I call it “Midwife is sad because baby is born with gills”. Rikke call it colic.
13.03.2017 – Had to take care of a few things before going to work today (mostly I had to buy post-its for work since I need more than one colour). I was getting in late so I had some time in Aarhus. On my way I enjoyed this game you can play in the middle of the street.
14.03.3017 – I woke up to this note this morning with Rikke wishing me an elephantastic day. It was an elephantatic day and I am sure that is down to Rikke. Love these little notes that just makes everything better.
15.03.2017 – Spring is my favourite time of year. I know the weather is unstable, but when the sun comes out like today you get to stand in the window during your break at work and just enjoy the sun warming your entire body up – inside and out. It is the best feeling.

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