365 – week 15 – Diana

“The great thing
about new friends
is that they bring
new energy to
your soul!”

02.03.2017 – I have a great view from work where I can look at the entire room. It means I can see all the screens and get a great look at all my colleagues while working. So on a Thursday evening when we are only a few at work this is my view.

03.03.2017 – Going to and from work I’ve started to skip the bus change and instead walk a little further. It is good exercise and a nice way to get some fresh air before being cooped up in the office for several hours. Today it was raining though and then the walk isn’t as great.
04.03.2017 – Had three of my new colleagues over for a bit of alcohol and a lot of gaming. We played Hint, Cranium and ended the night with Cards Against Humanity. Great company on an otherwise cold and quite grey Saturday.
05.03.2017 – I got a hostess gift yesterday and after going out into the rainy Sunday I got batteries for it so now it lights up nicely. And it was given with some great advice on it. Sundays are for good advice and relaxing on the couch.
06.03.2017 – Today I was told I was getting a permanent contract at work (which: YEEEEEY!) and therefore Camilla and Jesper came over to celebrate with some more board gaming – because you can never get enough of that. We had tea, talked and then they left when Rikke and I had to Skype with the lovely Maibritt and Trine. 
07.03.2017 – With a permanent contract on the table I felt it was time to bring a few more rubber duckies to work. I brought this one which fit perfectly under my screen and then one of the lighting ones, which Lærke loves, so she has that under her screen. Good day indeed.
08.03.2017 – Because I have no filter I accidentally promised one of the team managers I would bring cake tomorrow. I don’t know what I was thinking. I made cheesecake and decided to make raspberry jelly on top. Meaning I had to handle this isinglass. We are not the best of friends, and in the picture it looks like a condom. It turned out rather nice though so no biggie.

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