365 – Week 14 – Rikke

Happy Sunday to all. I come to with my new favourite thing from the internet: WhaleSynth. An instrument that makes synthesized whale noises. I find it oddly soothing and use it to calm myself if I’m feeling anxious. Seriously, give it a go, it is great.

Thursday, 23 February 2017: The apartment needed some TLC, and since we’ll be moving the couch around come Sunday night’s event, I decided to clean all the pallet from top to bottom and back.

Friday, February 24 2017: The last Oscar movie we’re watching at the cinema is La La Land. I should have taken a picture of the cute new trumpet guy who plays Dansk Reklame Film’s theme, but I didn’t think about that until he had been on the last time. So here’s some random guy from an advert.
Saturday, 25 February 2017: Diana’s ice cream was super frozen so she gave up on eating it. I however didn’t have any ice cream so I gladly made my way through it while we watched A Man Called Ove
Sunday, 26 February 2017: It is finally here. Oscar night is here. We’ve set everything up perfectly and enjoyed a night of beautifully dressed people, winning awards, making speeches both political and normal. Diana had most picks correct with her heat, while I had most picks correct with my brain. None of us predicted the clusterfuck at the end.
Monday, 27 February 2017: Slow Monday spend catching up on HBO shows, after the very looooong Sunday night.
Tuesday, 28 February 2017: My Radiotopia Challenge Coin arrived yesterday and it is so pretty.
Wednesday, 1 March 2017: Anne and I met up at Starbucks to hang out and talk about everything and nothing. Good times.

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