365 – week 14 – Diana

“My momma always said:
Life was like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you’re gonna get.”

23.02.2017 – Going to work late means the opportunity to go to the Aarhus office of Danish Red Cross Youth to meet the new interns and hear about the amazing work they’ve done for the first two weeks. Also participating as much as possible in the organisation reboot. It is all very exciting.

24.02.3017 – Very few days are left until this year’s Oscars and I am very much behind on the movie watching due to work and the last few days of volunteer work I’ve had to do. But there is a solution for that. Going to DOKK1 straight after work to go watch a movie with Rikke before going to the cinema to watch La La Land and then home to watch more movies. Fridays are total movie days.
25.02.2017 – My first weekend of work in a very very very long time. It went okay but it is hard knowing I had a nine hour shift and will have another tomorrow, and then watching the Oscars all night, leading into another nine hour shift on Monday. Sleep will be in small doses and as you can see I’m already a little blurry.
26.02.2017 – We are so ready for the Oscars!! We had a hard time picking this year because there were so little time to actually look into the buzz about the whole thing, but all in all we did good. None of us had any idea about the messy and totally insane way this year’s show would end. I am still a little emotional when I think about it.
27.02.2017 – So I managed to sleep for two hours this morning and then I went to work. I did brilliantly and no one expected a thing. The phones was out of service for a few hours so when they got back online the queue was quickly so large that we had to stay over. Not really the day I wished for this to happen but I did survive and I didn’t even go straight home to bed.
28.02.2017 – I promised another coworker that I would bake again and he asked for a carrot cake so a carrot cake I made. On my day off. After still being sleep deprived. It turned out pretty nice despite all of that though. The rest of the day I just relaxed and tried to get some energy for the last few days of work this week.
01.03.2017 – Learned yesterday that Federal Unicorn were playing tonight so naturally I decided to fuck up my day rhythm even more and go rock out a bit with these guys that I haven’t hear play for so long. It was different, but a good different. I had to retire early though as the sleep deprivation was really catching up on me. I’m glad I went though. 

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