365 – week 13 – Diana

“It’s better to be late,
than to arrive ugly.”

16.02.2017 – So in my efforts to make it look like I’m actually not a hermit I made my desk buddies at work pose for a picture. You may guess for yourself who was up for it and who felt it was a little dumb.

17.02.2017 – Because I’m the best coworker I made cupcakes. Mostly because they team manager who did my interview reminded me I had promised it during the interview, but also because it is nice to have cupcakes on a Friday and I do like baking.
18.02.2017 – I am trying real hard to tell our fish apart. It is not always easy but their patterns are slightly different from each other. I am pretty certain the second from the left is Gorm and the far right is Magnus. The far left might be Abel and then the last two are Niels and Hans, whom I can’t tell apart but that doesn’t matter because they are basically the same.
19.02.2017 – I spent my Sunday with these three lovely Henneberg ladies. We had to go see the ‘Textures of Life’ exhibit by Joana Vasconcelos before it was closed. You are getting a picture of Boy though because they had to move him and it was very nerve wrecking having to find him – even though we knew he was at ARoS somewhere.
20.02.2017 – Answering all the customer calls at work means having a lovely headset which I believe suit me very well. This is also the image of a person who forgot her bag on the bus this morning and knows she has to go pick it up in the middle of nowhere tomorrow – particularly because her work ID is in said bag.
21.02.2017 – As I said I had to go to the middle of nowhere to get my forgotten bag (I don’t want to hear anything about it being my fault). It means I have now seen where the busses sleep. It also means I had to drag Rikke along in order to have any chance of watching the shorts, which came out today, before the Oscars.
22.02.2017 – Some days I find myself really tired but I just know that hanging out for a few hours with the most amazing volunteers in the world will cheer me right up. I am so absolutely amazed by all the energy, power and willingness that is to be found in one of the most amazing organisations I’ve ever been lucky enough to be part of, Danish Red Cross Youth.

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