What a night!

So all of that happened. By now you all know of the epic clusterfuck that ended the ceremony, but it was so weird to sit and watch. Everything was chaos and we didn’t know what was going on. I can’t even imagine how chaotic that room would have been.

26-feb-2017 We went all out at home. Comfy pyjamas, healthy snacks and soda on each our couch with computers on the ready to better inspect the dresses and follow along with Twitter. It is one of my favourite nights of the year.

(Okay one bag of chips. We’re only human after all. Also this is my 365 for Sunday, so you’ll get to see it again next Sunday. Yay.)

After all the chaos, we now have Moonlight as the best picture winner and I’m so happy. Diana and I each fill out the official Oscar ballot on the Oscar’s website with our predictions and then we print one, where we pick the ones we want to win with our hearts. All up til the day of the show I was undecided on who I thought would get the award. I knew I wanted Moonlight to win with my heart, but I wasn’t sure if it would actually win, but in the end I gambled and hoped that The Academy would see how special it was an award it best picture. And it did!

I could easily have lived with a La La Land win, because I enjoyed that movie immensely – the soundtrack is blasting as I write this- but I really wanted Moonlight to win, because it is such a beautiful piece of art.

I’m mostly happy with who won all the awards. Nothing against Emma Stone, but I would personally have given the lead actress to Viola – who was nominated in the supporting actress category – and then the supporting actress to Naomie Harris. Casey Affleck was great, but after watching Fences, I kind of wanted Denzel Washington to win. I’m so happy that Mahershala Ali won, because he was fantastic and just the best of the bunch.

The song I loved the most, Audition, didn’t win, but I didn’t expect it to. As Diana very precisely put it, City of Stars better encapsulates La La Land and therefore it got the award, which is perfectly fine.

And I think that’s what I have to say in regards to the Oscars for this year. It has as always been a blast to watch and fall in love with so many of the nominated movies. I can’t wait for next year.


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