A Man Called Ove is great! I knew people have praised and loved the book, but besides Ove’s name I knew nothing. And I’m glad. It was a great movie and despite hitting some very standard narrative points, it is a beautiful life affirming movie.

It i billed as a comedy on IMDb, but I’d rather call it a comedic drama. There are some very dramatic moments in Ove’s life story, but Ove is not a grumpy old man like people think. Ove likes order and will yell at you if you don’t act according to the rules, but he is also a man who believes in helping people and being kind like his recently deceased wife.


I’m so happy that we watched this, because it is really is heartwarming watching this curmudgeon letting other people into his life as well as opening up about his own life. I especially love the dynamic between Ove and Parvaneh. They’re both straight forward and no-nonsense people meaning they end up bonding which is delightful to see.

A Man Called Ove is also inexplicably nominated for makeup and hairstyling, which I find very surprising as there really isn’t a lot of that. I know that sometimes that is an indication that someone did a really good job, but I don’t thing that’s the case here. There are so many other movies that could have been nominated in its place. Like so many others. From the movies which are already nominated in other categories: Jackie, Hidden Figures, Rouge One – I didn’t see it, but I assume it had some good makeup and hairstyling. Same goes for Sully and Doctor Strange. And I’m sure a bunch more movies I haven’t even thought about.


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