Having a life is not an option i February.

Another year of watching a lot of movies is drawing towards the end. It has been a tough one this year because of the mere 33 days between the nomination announcements and tonight’s award ceremony. The plan was to watch 37 of the nominated movies, but My life as a zucchini has been impossible to get a hold of and I’ve simply decided to skip Toni Erdmann due to time constraints and work.

The rest I’ve watched though and I am generally pleased. The last few years I’ve had some movies that I’ve been very much against, and often they’ve been nominated in waaaaay more categories than they’ve deserved. This year none of that is true. My disappointments have very few nominations.

Should we just get to it? I think so!

– MEH –

Nocturnal Animals

nocturnal-animalsI’ve already talked a bit about this one. I didn’t really expect anything from it so saying I was disappointed wouldn’t be true. I just simply didn’t like it. It is not my genre. I don’t like having chok moments. I don’t care about neither Amy Adams nor Jake Gyllenhaal in this. I can’t say anything nice about it. The switches between current time and the book was difficult to follow and generally there was nothing besides Gyllenhaal’s beard to tell me where we were and even that was gone by the end.

For some this might be their jam but if you ask me just don’t bother. I don’t know why this story has to be told. I don’t know why I should waste my time with it.

Hacksaw Ridge

hacksaw-ridgeI have issues with this one. Not with Andrew Garfield. Not with the story. Not with the fact that it is a war movie. I do have issues with the absolutely atrocious green screen work. It ruins everything for me. How can a movie be nominated for best picture when the effects are not there. I would feel very snipped if it wins. The directing wasn’t great either. There is no work put into making the fight scenes about Doss and his war it is all blood and spew and general mayhem.

Okay I’ll try for a second to say a little bit positive about this. The story is decent. It could have been cut a bit here and there, but overall it is okay. It tells an important story of how to put a bit of the world back together again when there is only war. There you go that is all the positivity I can muster.


arrivalI know it is another Amy Adams movie and I think I have to start out by saying I have absolutely nothing against her in this one. It is not that Arrival is anywhere near as annoying or bad as the first two it is just very meh.

Sci-fi isn’t really my genre and I would have liked some more of the linguistic aspects to have been more of the movie.

I can accept this. Not as a best picture winner but it is decent and if the genre is something you like I guess it is one of the better movies of its kind. Jeremy Renner is also doing a good job in this albeit he is slightly more in the background than I would have liked.


Kubo and the two strings

kubo-adn-the-two-stringsThere are always some movie that surprise me. Mostly any movie with Matthew McConaughey that isn’t bad is a surprise. I always like most the animation movies so it isn’t a giant surprise that I like this one. The story is beautiful though and I am amazed at what they’ve done with the animation. Stop motion is just fascinating.

for once I didn’t know how the movie would end, which is also a pleasant surprise.

If you have some extra time you should definitely watch it. Enjoy the folding of the paper and the development of Kubo throughout the minutes. It is beautiful.

Captain Fantastic

captain-fantasticBesides having watched the trailer I knew nothing about this movie. I didn’t even know it existed before Viggo Mortensen was nominated for his role. It is a great story with great performances. I am always very impressed with all the children in the oscar movies and this one is no exception. Even the smallest of the children are so great at portraying the emotions of experiencing things for the first time, of stepping into a world they don’t know.

This isn’t just a coming of age movie it is an expression of the polar society we live in where so many things are either or. There is no in between option. or maybe there is? Watch this and you might find one.

A man called Ove

a-man-called-oveI was not really expecting to like this at all. I know everyone keeps raging on about how great the book is and I loved The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, so I should really have expected it.

Ove is a grumpy old man, but he really is a grumpy old man who is right. If people just listened to Ove there wouldn’t be any issues. Ove and his new neighbour are so great together. Ove is great with his short term tenant “the gay person”. Ove is even great with his adopted cat that he didn’t even like. Ove has a point when he says people should read the manual and Ove is an awesome person. I have to believe in the Danish contribution but this is a great contender for that foreign film oscar.



lionI expected so much from Dev Patel and my oh my did he deliver. If I should change anything it would be to give a nomination to the kid who plays Saroo. He is ah-mazing. I even liked Nicole Kidman in this, which is a very very very rare occurrence.

I love that they show all sides of adoption. I love the cinematography. I love the directing. I love the actors. I love the story. I love the bluntness. I love the silences. I love love love this.

Also Dev Patel grew up so fine! So so fine!


moonlightThere is no doubt which of the movies are my favourites this year. I have loved all three of the ones featured here.

Moonlight is as amazing as Lion. All three actors portraying Chiron are doing such an amazing job. The relationship with the mother is so complex and yet they all manage to express how they feel about it. I have so many favourite scenes from this. From Chiron and Kevin on the beach to Chiron’s mother yelling at him with no sound. It made such an impact on me.

The lighting is amazing, the acting is perfection, the directing is flawless. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be both black and gay, but I do love that the story is being told. I hope it gets all the oscars. Except for the ones that Lion gets and La la land. But they can all share all of them.

La la land

la-la-landWOW… … wow… … … wow.

I cannot mention a single thing i did not like about this. It plays on everything I love about movies. The score gives me chills. The acting is immaculate. The story made me cry for almost half the movie. Gosling and Stone are so great together, as always. The songs are on repeat in my head. The colours used make it such a beautiful experience.

I agree in every single one of the fourteen nominations. I don’t think it will win all fourteen and I don’t think it should either, but it should get up there with the leaders that won 11 Oscars. I will be crossing my fingers for so many of the wins because this is such a beautiful, fantastic, moving, fun, sad and completely magnificent movie.

Sorry for being so late with this post this year, but at least you are now ready for the Academy Awards in six hours. You’re welcome.


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