Another conversation about shorts.

Let’s continue the short film chats with the live action shorts.

Again, spoilers ahoy.

Mindenki – Hungary – 25 minutes


“And we’re off with some live action short films. This Hungarian one is a gem. The story of a mean choir teacher and how the children get one over her by uniting. How can you not love that premise. The child actors are great and I would gladly watch these two girls in a series of short film slowly changing the world.”

Diana_round“I can surely see them as badass super women kicking ass all over the world. Next up: their Sweden adventures. I love how the popular girl is actually standing up for both herself and the other and using the popular girl powers for good. It is really a great story and well told.”

Rikke_round“Yes, popular girl powers used for good hits my sweet spot. Also, I really did like the end with them not singing. It was inspired and it taught that dumb teacher a lesson while allowing all the kids to enjoy singing.”

Silent Nights – Denmark – 30 minutes

Diana_round“Another strong short with a strong message. As a Danish contribution it is the sure pick for me to win, but I might be slightly biased with this. I do think they are doing a great job with the acting and the very natural – almost documentarian – feel makes it relatable. I don’t know if Denmark is the best country in the world either because there are definitely some assholes here, as depicted in the film.”

Rikke_round“Yeah, I’m also picking this to win. Danish pride and all. This is a great short and it manages to have both ups and downs in the short span of 30 minutes. The documentarian feel you mention really highlights the harsh reality of life. It also seems to be shot with natural lighting which makes it feel, well more natural. I also like the whole message of life being hard in different ways for different people. And the innate kindness in Inger, if a little naive, is inspiring.”

Diana_round“Absolutely agree on everything. Inger is far from naive to me. She takes responsibility and  makes strong decisions throughout the 30 minutes. I don’t think it is naive to expect respect in exchange for kindness. But I do think the entire issue is very close to everyone, not just in Denmark.”

Rikke_round“Fair enough. And yes, this short is very universal. I like how it shield away from judging anyone on a few actions, but we got to see everyone be complex and real human beings. Also, shout out to the inclusion of Queen Margrethe’s New Years speech!”

Diana_round“God save the queen!”

Timecode – Spain – 15 minutes

Rikke_round“Well, this was different. Lighthearted and a little bit silly. I quite liked it. Dance is such a great way of expression and I love how these two random security guards found a way to enjoy their somewhat tedious work and connect with one another.”

Diana_round“The whole sequence with the post-it notes was so nice. This is exactly what the shorts media is about for me. It is a whole love story in 15 minutes and it is lovely. The best scene to me was her face as she walked in and there was no post-it. My heart broke.”

Rikke_round“That was so sad! I was not prepared for that kind of emotion in this little short. I loved the sequence in the end with all the dancing and I laughed out out when the new security guard said that he couldn’t dance. Perfect ending.”

Diana_round“I know! I felt the same way. Poor new guy who is all lost because he can’t dance. I feel for and with him for sure.”

Ennemis Intérieurs – France – 27 minutes


“I LOVE this short. It is everything about it. The way it is filmed. The interaction between our two main characters. The emotions of the applicant who is French in everything he does. The way he breaks down. I just love it.”

Rikke_round“Yes, to all of that.I love the cinematography of this. The side way views of them sitting at the table in the begning and then more back and forth between them in the end. Simply, fantastic. This is set in 90’s, but it is still painfully relevant today. It breaks my heart that people had to endure that, and that they still have to today.”

Diana_round“The story is tragically beautiful and relevant everywhere. Another thing I love is the video sequences. The way the picture changes and they use it in the end makes a real impact. Naturally I will still cross my fingers and believe in the Danish contribution but this one is a great contender.”

Rikke_round“Indeed, I love the Danish one, but this might resonate more with an international audience. The ending with all the different people sitting down to be interviewed is going to be with me for quite some time. Tragic indeed.”

La Femme et le TGV – Switzerland – 30 minutes

Rikke_round“Well, this was interesting. I like a lot of little things in this one. Her whole house shaking, her very enthusiastic waving of the Swiss flag, her taking her bird with her to work, all the cheeses and many more things. My favourite part was her making friends with the car guy.”

Diana_round“I think interesting is the right word to use here. I was not that into it. Well it is a short and one is always a little into those but it is at the bottom of my list here. There were a few things I just felt were a bit flat and couldn’t explain themselves.”

Rikke_round“This is easily my least favourite, hence liking the small things. I don’t really understand the sending of letters back and forth, like how did she get his address? His letter didn’t have a return address. Why did we have to have the son there? Didn’t the car guy serve the same purpose?”

Diana_round“I feel the same way. The letters are the entire premise for the story and they make absolutely no sense. If it wins I’ll cry.
And by the way, interesting is a non word.”

Rikke_round“Indeed it is. Now, before we end this thing, I just want to say that I love how when ever we talk about shorts we end up having a giant love fest. Even the ones we don’t particularly like, like this one, are appreciated, because we love short films and what they do so much.”

Diana_round“I second that!”


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