This is the dream! It’s conflict and it’s compromise, and it’s very, very exciting!

La La Land was the fourth and last Oscar movie that we saw in the cinema and I’m so happy that we did, because it really did shine on the big screen. The colourful production design, the wonderful score and the original songs, the beautiful cinematography to mention just a few, really popped on the big screen. It made for a full experience of the city of dreams.

So La La Land ended up with 14 nominations – tied in for most nominations with All About Eve and Titanic. Both leads are nominated, score and two songs, both sound editing and mixing, production design and costume design, cinematography, editing, directing, original screenplay and best picture. That is a lot. I can get behind all of them. It was a really great movie. I can’t get behind it winning all of them, but the I don’t mind the nominations.


This movie is an event. It draws you in thoroughly entertains you, even when it gets a little sad. This really is an all encompassing movie. You can’t look away as the movie is insanely beautiful to watch, the production design and costume design is so complete. It really captures the essence of this movie. The cinematography continues the journey with stunning shots and long sequences of delight. Capping it all off is the magical score and the wonderful songs, all mixed and edited to really capture the feeling.

But as much as this is a visually and musically stunning film it still has something to say about chasing dreams and how you don’t always get everything. Sometimes you have to compromise. Sometimes achieving one dream means giving up on another, and La La Land embraces that instead of a typical Hollywood ending. La La Land hits the beats of a musical and all the classics it harkens back to, but it is also refreshingly honest about what happens to all those dreams in Hollywood. Yes, this isn’t the strongest screenplay of all the nominees and I was a bit against it, but the more I’ve thought about it the more I agree with the nomination. I don’t want it to win, but I like that it is nominated.

Both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are great, but Emma Stone is the better of the two. She tell the story of Mia perfectly and captures all the emotions of her character. It is beautiful. I’m especially in love with the song Audition and you should listen to the Song Exploder episode on the song to get some background and a breakdown of the song.

As a fan of musical and classic Hollywood movies La La Land really made me happy and I’m so glad that it exists and that I got to see it at the cinema where I could just sit back and enjoy the spectacular show happening on the screen.

I could have picked one of the more fancy stills from this movie, but I really like the more subdued one here and the intensity of the characters. It is also the scene with the quote used in the headline, so it fits. And the headline really do sum up this movie perfectly.


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