I tell the truth to my kids. I don’t lie to my kids.

I didn’t expect a lot from Captain Fantastic. I didn’t even know the plot until I looked it up at the beginning at the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed this little gem.

Viggo – who is nominated for actor in a leading role – plays the father of six who along with his wife have left the grid and have raised their children in the forest of Washington. He is anti-everything and believe that the physical training and non-sanctioned homeschooling he and his wife have done is indeed the best for his family. Then the wife commits suicide while in the hospital and the road trip to free her from her christian family begins.


Viggo is great and delivers a solid and very emotional performance, but if you ask me he is outshined by the all the lovely actors and actresses playing his children. They are all so good!

I’m always surprised at how fantastic the child actors and actresses are in the Oscar movies, but I really shouldn’t be. They are in some very serious and very professional productions, so of course they’re going to be good. This is not television children who you want to punch. This is amazing young actors and actresses who are going to go on to play some great roles in the future. Even the littlest ones. The oldest kid actor is 24, so I can’t really call him a child actor, but he is also fantastic. I love them all.

The movie itself actually reaches the ending I wanted. They save the mom, but Viggo also learns that the isolated life they’ve led so far isn’t the best for his kids, but instead of leaving them with their very rich and ideologically opposite grandparents, he chooses the middle road and moves his family into a house in a small community. Good job, Viggo.


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