You have to do this or that, but meanwhile life is just passing by.

So I just watched Toni Erdmann and it was an experience? It’s a very long movie where not a lot happens, but a lot still happens. It’s two hours and 42 minutes long, yet feels longer because nothing really happens. It is a simple exploration of a father/daughter relationship and they do stuff together and apart, they have a strained relationship, but manages to get along while doing some pretty odd things. It is really hard to describe.

Also there’s a character named Henneberg. His company employs the consulting company the daughter works for. The dad pretends to be his life coach – or something?


The basic plot of a father trying to reconnect with his somewhat estranged daughter is pretty solid, I just don’t quite understand why he goes about it as he does? The movie establishes their relationship pretty quickly, but it seems stuck on making it nuanced and forcing them into weird interactions, which doesn’t work for me.

I understand that the father is somewhat of a prankster and that is just what he does, but he is actively getting in the way of his daughter’s life and career. Granted she is sort of stuck, but that doesn’t give him the right to mettle like he does. Anyway, in the end they both grow and learn from each other. Plus there is crashing of parties, dressing up in fake teeth and bad wigs, a weird impromptu naked birthday party/team building event and jerking off on cakes. All of these events are things that happen, but at the same time just filler. It is hard to understand.

Mostly, I just didn’t understand why anyone did any of the things they did which coupled with how slow it all progressed makes it hard to really enjoy a movie.


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