We ain’t stealing from you. We’re stealing from the bank.

I’ll be honest and tell you right off the bat that cowboy movies – in any shape or form – has never been my cup of tea. I liked True Grit well enough, but that also had an awesome little girl, which this does not.

Hell or High Water is nominated in four categories: Best picture, editing, writing original screenplay and best actor in a supporting role for Jeff Bridges.Who was nominated for the aforementioned True Grit – as well as others throughout the years – and won for Crazy Heart where he play a country music performer which is also kind of a cowboy.

Chris Pine looks a bit like Pierce Brosnan here, right? It’s not just me?

Like many cowboy movies we are cheering for the bad guys. The Howard brothers are robbing banks, not just any banks but branches from the bank that have their late mother’s property in trust. We follow them on their bank robbing adventure, which includes stops at a casino to launder the money and to visit the estranged family of one of them. On their tail is two marshals one of whom is played by Jeff Bridges. It ends with a dead brother, a dead partner and a couple of civilians, so we don’t feel to bad about Jeff shooting Chris Pine’s brother. Then Chris and Jeff met after Jeff is retired and it has been made clear that Chris wont be investigated for the robberies, which means that they can begrudgingly mumble some nonsense about respect at each other before we pan out and the movie finishes.

As you can tell, I’m not a huge fan of this, but the blame rest squarely on my cowboy disliking shoulders. The story is fine, if not very original. The acting is decent, and Jeff does a very good job. I didn’t really notice the editing and I doubt this will win best picture, since it is very standard. I can’t say I’m extremely happy that I watched this, but I don’t regret sitting though it as I have done with other Oscar nominees in the past. Or this year. I’d rather watch this again than Nocturnal Animals.


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