So I’ve only just crossed the halfway line.

Yup you read that right. With only six days (technically 5,5) left until the big night I am watching film number 19 as I’m writing this. Meaning I’ve still got 18 to go. Granted 10 of those are short films, but still… only six more days.

Rikke and I have a plan though. It is a good plan. I might have messed up the plan slightly by forgetting my bag in the bus yesterday and having to go pick it up today – on the other side of town. We’ve got that figured out too though. We are going to go together and while we are on our way there we will watch the short films because they came out today. We’ve got this. Right? Please tell me we can make it.

According to tradition I will give a little teaser of the highs and lows this far.

I’d rather watch Gravity again

nocturnal-animalsI actually exclaimed out loud that I’d rather sit through Gravity again rather than watch this move. It was shite. There was one major scare, which made both Rikke and I jump and I swear it took several minutes until my heart rate was back to normal. The actors in this are subpar even though they should be acing it. I don’t even agree with the one of them that was nominated, but hey there are always something I don’t agree with. Besides I don’t think he will win with the field he is up against.

The entire thing just really isn’t for me. It is a mix of the setting of a book and the present, which is often very confusing. The only thing that made it sort of able to follow along was the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal’s character had a beard in one and not in the other. I’m just never going back to this. Nope. Not doing it.

It was a confusing kind of fun

the-lobsterMaybe it is because I’ve lived in England, maybe my kind of humor is just dark, but this film is hilarious. I was so confused for so much of it, but because of all the actors’ ability to play it completely calm and collected it was so easy to laugh along through the confusement. Watching Colin Farrell is very much hit and miss for me but this is a definite hit. To back him up you have geniuses such as Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz.

If you are still not convinced you should watch this go take a look at the IMDb page for the movie. With such credits as “Donkey Shooter”, “Nosebleed Woman” and “Biscuit Woman” you just have to watch to figure out what the heck is going on. So go do it. Go do it now.

Stay tuned for the overall update I will make once I’ve watched all the movies. Likely it will be Sunday right before the show because this year is being rough on me and my watching goals.


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