365 – week 12 – Diana

“A simple hello
could lead to
a million things.”

09.02.2017 – After I told my colleagues about this photo project they agreed to pose for a picture. Here are Lærke and Lene, who are both waaaaay younger than me but hey it will probably keep me youn. Right?

10.02.2017 – Working late is hard and it is not made easier by all the oscar movie watching and other media consumption, but when you’ve got the best roomie on the world, who “accidentally” bought 5 litres of cocoa life is suddenly very okay.
11.02.2017 – Another night at the movies. I love going to the old one in Trøjborg because it has a great old timey feel to it. The people down there are always so nice and makes it all an even better experience than it already is. Also, moonlight is an amazing movie.
12.02.2017 – I’ve been kind of tired of my hair for a while, so after a while with considerations I decided to colour my hair. It look amazing and I am so glad I did it. I forgot how happy I am with being a brunette, but I’m back and I’m going to stay this way for a while.
13.02.2017 – Way back in September I came across Synne Kristine Eriksen while participating in September Books. She published a book a short while later, and now I’ve finally borrowed the book at the library. I am so excited to get reading because it sounds like a great story.
14.02.2017 – Another late day at work means waiting for the bus late at night in the cold. I did so with Lærke, who graciously agreed to pose with me in a picture. This should probably have been an outtake but it looks more fun than all the others.
15.02.2017 – Trying to make my desk cosy by bringing a variation of ducks with me. They are drawing a lot of attention and means quite a few visits at my desk. It also means I have something cute to look at besides my desk colleagues. I promise I’ll have a picture featuring all three of them soon.

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