Whatever you think your life is going to be like, just know, it’s not gonna be anything like that.

20th Century Women has one measly nomination: Writing – original screenplay. Apparently most of the nominations for original screenplay are only nominated in that category, which on one hand makes sense because there usually are a lot of biopic nominated and they are often based on a book, but on the other hand this is the category where truly original movies emerge.

I love this movie. There are so many little things that I love about this and they all come together to become this great movie. The whole cast is just great and I’d have loved for Anette Bening. to be nominated as lead actress because she is the most amazing.


Because there are so many little things I love about this movie – yes, you guessed it – here comes a bullet list:

  • Narration often become tedious, but I really liked the dual narration in the beginning and the fact that during the movie,  the past was narrated by another character than the one being spoken off. I also liked that it turned around and that at the end the characters themselves narrated what they found important about their future. It worked so well.
  • I loved the used of archival photos and videos. It really strengtrend the general feel of the time periods they related to.
  • The production design is amazing. I loved the kitchen. As is the hair and makeup. Seriously how is this not nominated in more categories?
  • I liked how they incorporated books. Having the title and author on screen and having a character read an passage that pertained to the story. It made the world of the movie bigger and more relatable
  • I loved that all the female characters got to have sex lives and not be shamed by it. I loved that Jamie understood that when Julie said no, it meant no. I loved that William accepted that Abbie wanted to role play and didn’t shame her. Jamie had issues with Julie’s sexuality – without a doubt – but it wasn’t that he found her repulsive because of it, it was because he was in love with her (or maybe more the idea of her) and who want to hear about their crush’s sexual adventures. Like he went out and bought her a pregnancy test to help her instead of blaming her. Also, what a douche coming inside her when they agree he’d pull out. Not that it is effective birth control, but come on, respect your partner! I also loved that everyone knew that Abbie and William were sleeping together, but since they didn’t make a big deal out of it, no one else made a big deal out it.
  • I liked the driving scenes. They were pretty and kind of underscored the whole 70’s feel.
  • I also liked how this is quite clearly a feminist film it doesn’t hit me over the head with “this is feminism”. A classic case of show, not tell.
  • I love how this is called 20th Century Women and it gives a really good look at three women from various point in the 20th century living vastly different lives throughout their lives, but the movie didn’t have a need to cover all women of the 20th century. This is about these women and their experiences.
  • My one complaint my be that for a movie called 20th Century Women there was a lot of focus on Jamie. I understand that they needed a central figure to revolve the plot around, but with some small rewrites it could easily have been Dorothea.
  • I loved that when Dorothea is narrating the end of her life, the fact that she got married again isn’t important enough to be mentioned. I love that she admits that she probably wasn’t in love with Jamie’s dad. I think a large group people during the 20th Century didn’t get married and had kids because they were in love and wanted a family.
  • ALSO, all the women was three dimensional characters. They were complex and was allowed to make mistakes and be both good and bad. I love that!
  • And I loved how the character was allowed to drift away from each other, because that is what happens in real life. We don’t stay in touch with the majority of the people we meet. And as a person who is a firm believer that many friendships are only contingent on a certain time or place, I really liked that. Life is complex and so is our relationships.

This movie is a drama without being about depressing. It deals with sex and relationships, it even has a character struggling with cancer, but it doesn’t drag the movie down. It is still heartfelt, funny and a little heartbreaking at points, but it leaves you with a warm feeling of love and hope. I highly recommend that you watch this movie.


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