Picking the title for The Red Turtle was pretty easy because the only thing spoken in the movie was heeeyy! But it was spoken three whole times.

The Red Turtle is our second to last feature length animation film and it was pretty good. It has no dialogue and features a man stranded on an island and a red turtle. It is a Studio Ghibli movie which is quite clear in the beautiful animation.

TheRedTurtle.jpgLike a reviewer on IMDb, I too feel like this is a long short movie. Then I looked the director up, and it turned out that his previous movies were all shorts. I love shorts and can’t wait for when they are released so I can enjoy them all. This movie is only an hour and twenty minutes, so it isn’t long, nor does it feel long, but the story just isn’t there for this long a movie.

It is pretty to look at and I’m still not sure if the whole thing was an extend illusion or if the turtle really did turn into a woman and lived a life with our poor shipwrecked man. And I’ll probably never know, which is fine by me.