I stopped lying.

I’m always a little dubious when The Academy ends up nominating an actor or actress for a role in a foreign language movie. Not because I don’t want to honor them, because there are some amazing actors and actresses out there who do not appear in Hollywood movies. But because Hollywood apparently sucks at creating roles for women, since they have to go out of their own industry to find a woman to nominate.

I feel the same with Meryl. Meryl is great and all, but there has to be other roles out there you could nominate. Get with the program Hollywood. Like nominate Taraji P. Henson as I’ve already talked about. Anyway, back to Elle.


Isabelle Huppert was great and got to show of her acting skills on several fronts. I wouldn’t have nominated her, but here we are. She got to be a complex woman who took names and kicked ass while still being offered the possibility to be vulnerable.

Plot wise I was a little confused. I’m very much against the tactic normalisation of rape and all the lack of consent and dubious consent later on. Also, the movie is way longer than it needs to be. I was exhausted when we were done. The subplot with the son didn’t need so much screen time. Furthermore,  I just have a lot of plot questions. Questions I’m not sure I will find answers for on a second viewing. So I’m giving up and moving on.


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