I can’t be his guardian.

Manchester by the Sea could be summed up by what Diana said while we were watching it: “I forgot how depressing Oscar season is.” 

Anyway Manchester by the Sea was good, if a little long. It is nominated for best picture, and it is the movie with the most acting nominations with actor in a leading role, actor in supporting role and actress in a supporting role. It is also nominated in directing and writing – original screenplay.

I’m happy with all but one of the nominations. I don’t think Michelle Williams added enough for her to garner a nomination, I’d much rather have Janelle Monáe nominated for her role in either Hidden Figures or Moonlight. I’d also much rather have Manchester by the Sea nominated for original score instead of Jackie. Diana actively disliked the score in Jackie and I just didn’t notice it.


Besides the script which I really like, it is compelling, depressing and even a little optimistic – It i a solid story and done in a way that we haven’t seen overdone. This is ultimately a story of loss and how people deal that loss in very personal ways and therefore have issues understanding that others are also grieving.

I was most impressed by Casey Affleck and Lucas Hedges, especially all their scenes together. They really sold me on their estranged uncle/nephew now has to cope with being thrown together relationship. They are both assholes and I wanted to hit them both repeatedly, but as Diana said maybe they need each other to become whole and less like assholes again. Yes, I’m including the high school kid in the asshole category. He has two girlfriends which is just such a douche move, because I doubt they all have an open relationship.

I don’t have much to add about the men in this movie, because they really need to grow up, but they are played really well and I’m impressed with Lucas Hedges. He really commits to to the role as proved by the fact that I want to hit him. Same goes for Casey Affleck. They both handle the emotional anguish of their characters adeptly.

To say that I enjoyed this movie is weird because it is not  exactly an enjoyable topic, but I did enjoy it. Nevertheless, I can totally recommend it, since it is a very good movie. It is super well done and really captures the viewer.


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