365 – week 11 – Diana

“All roads that
lead to success
has to pass through
hard work boulevard
at some point.”


02.02.2017 – I got my name tag on Monday. We have to wear them at all times. There is a chip along with the card, which should allow us to get into the building. It was supposed to work today but still doesn’t so we are all still left to the mercy of others to let us in to do our jobs. Sometimes rules and bureaucracy makes life a little more complicated.

03.02.2017 – Had a rough day at work today so it was a good thing that one of my colleagues was having a few of us over for an after work beer. There is something about a beer on Friday night that just makes everything better. I decided to go home around midnight and on the bus home I got to laugh a bit at the people who clearly had more than one beer.
04.02.2017 – Because Rikke broke out fishbowl Yesterday and they didn’t have one in the same size at our regular store we wen’t to another one. He informed us that the fish we’d kept shouldn’t be living in such a bowl and instead we bought a new aquarium with an air pump, heater and a nice little lamp. We got ourselves some shrimps and a few guppies to go in it. They are tiny and the only one with a name at the moment is the female shrimp (presumed pregnant) who we’ve named Queen Victoria because it seemed appropriate. I love all our fish and I hope we are going to have small shrimp babies before long.
05.02.2017 – I finally finished the first book of the year. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but it feels like a long battle I finally conquered. It is a good solid retelling of Romeo and Juliet, and I got loads done around the house while I listened to the last couple of hours. Mostly I’ve listened to it going to and from work.
06.02.2017 – We’ve got a TV on at work, which means I get to enjoy soundless Bob’s Burgers in-between calls from our customers. We also watch a good amount of Animal Planet and alike. The main thing is to watch something originally in English because then we get subtitles and can actually follow a bit of the program. (NOTE: Rikke managed to get us tickets to see John Mayer when he plays in Boxen in Herning come May. I am extremely excited and that sort of thing makes a Monday a lot easier to get through.)
07.02.2017 – I was making sausage rolls and pizzasnegle for my lunches at work. I overdid it a bit on the dough side so I had a whole lot left over for buns. They are a lot more wholegrain than I normally make them but I was told they were still fluffy. I know some colleagues who are going to be happy tomorrow.
08.02.2017 – For some unexplainable reason I decided that today I was going to the city to shop for a new phone cover before I had to go to work. It was snowing all morning and rather windy when Rikke and I ventured out. I do not get why I get such dumb ideas on days like these, but Rikke joined me and we had enough time for a pitstop at Baresso before I had to go make me some money. P.s. snow is fine and all pretty when you don’t have to go outside, but when you have to go through it and you have to rely on busses to get you to and from work snow is a b*tch!

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