On any given day, I analyze the binomial levels air displacement, friction and velocity.

Oh, how I loved Hidden Figures. I’m so happy that this movie exists and that it is getting some recognition. I am however not happy that Taraji P. Henson didn’t get a nomination for actress in a leading role. She was amazing in this and deserves all the awards. I’d love to see Janelle Monáe nominated as well, because she was badass.

Unfortunately only Octavia Spencer got the nomination. I love her and I’m happy she got it, I just feel like if only one person should be nominated it should be Taraji. She is this movie.

Some goddamn superheroes.

While not historically accurate – all the things happened, but not in the order in the movie and some of the events happened before the whole setting of the movie. Which is fine, because real life does not have plot points and developments that organically flow, like they ended up doing here.The movie is nonetheless amazing and gives you a perfect look at how things were for black people and women. Especially in this field.

That is the magic of screenwriting. Taking a story and recreating it for another medium where people expect different things and don’t benefit from all the backstory. Yes, this movie is also nominated in adapted screenplay, which is also deserved.

The story of these women is so important and I hope to see more movies giving the spotlight to those who have been forgotten by history. These women are inspirational as fuck, because they had to struggle though racism AND sexism. I cringed a lot during the movie due to the circumstance that these women had to accept. It is disgraceful and I hope that everyone seeing this movie understands that and does what they can to never let that kind of behaviour become common again. Because we gain nothing from treating people like they are not worth the same as us.

Okay, back to the movie and the actual story. I felt like the storylines were connected beautifully and gave a clear picture of the state of things and how they did change a little, but it is still very clear that it didn’t change overnight, and that the change was mostly personal. These three ladies perserviered and I admire them greatly. The three actresses also did a phenomenal job. I felt each of their strengths and struggles plus they had a wonderful chemistry with each other. As with the rest of the cast.

This was just a great movie, you guys and I hope you watch it, because this story is so important.


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