No one can ever say I didn’t sing.

Oh, Meryl. 20 acting nominations. Damn girl. Meryl is great. We all love her and she does wonderful work in Florence Foster Jenkins as Florence Foster Jenkins. She might sing badly, but she acts perfectly. Meryl gets to play with the emotional register and go from sick, panicked and sad to joyful, ecstatic and triumphant. Meryl get to shine as the main attraction in this movie.


But we all know how great Meryl is, so I’m going to talk about someone else. Someone I didn’t think I would be talking about, but here I am: Hugh Grant.

I’m not really a Hugh Grant fan and never understood the appeal. I think the only movie I’ve liked him in is About A Boy. I’m not a fan because he always plays the same character. Even when he is in a Jane Austen movie he manages to play the same guy as in all the rom com he’s done. And since I’m not a fan of that type of character, I’m not a fan of him.

But in this movie he is really good. I liked him so much in this and he showed some range I didn’t think he capable of. Good job, Hugh! If you continue to play different roles I might come around to liking you.

Mostly I like this movie, because it was not a war movie like the last two out of three movies we’ve seen has been. And did I mention Meryl? Meryl is the kind of actor where you can see how much she enjoys her job. It shines through and make people enjoy her work that much more. So here’s to you Meryl on your 20th Oscar nomination. I doubt you’ll win, but that is not why you do this, so that is okay!


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