The most powerful kind of magic there is.

I love stop motion movies. They are so delightful and imaginative. I love all the work and commitment that goes into making a stop motions movies. I love how the dolls look remarkably real. I wish more stop motion movies got attention from mainstream animation.

Kudo and the Two Strings was a delightful movie, albeit largely predictable. There was only one thing we didn’t mange to predict, but it didn’t even matter. The story lines might not be wholly original, but the amount of work and talent gone into this movie made me enjoy it immensely.


Kubo and the Two Strings is a beautiful movie about family, the magic of memories, forgiveness and adventure.It has great voice work. Even Matthew McConaughey as a giant beetle being works surprisingly well. 

The fact that this is a stop motion movie and it has taken so long to come to life means that a lot of details have been lovingly crafted. The various origami creatures are beautiful, the lighting is amazing and add much to the story. The level of detail in every single shot is astonishing. It is just so dang pretty. I want more stop motion!

Also, this is one of the movies where my fun fact are extra fun – fun facts are just IMDb trivia. Like the knowledge that one of the puppets were over 4 meter tall. That is insane. Or that the whole sequence with the boat took 9 months to film. The scale of stop motion boggles my mind and I happily watch them every year.


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