365 – week 10 – Diana

Woohooo ten weeks in – now there is only 42 to go. Not that I’m counting down because I’m really enjoying doing this project again.

Like Rikke I’m finding these introductions kind of hard. Maybe I should figure out some format. Like beginning with an inspirational quote every week. What do you think?

26.01.2017 – Rikke made dinner today. Just soup. She made it because going back to work means I’m completely exhausted when I get home. Rikke was also a little tired so she sat on the stool while cooking. I laughed at her. Not nice of me when she was actually doing me a favour, bur come on, you have to agree it looks funny.

27.01.2017 – Last day of training before we start taking calls. We’ve been tested daily with Kahoots and I believe I’ve done quite alright. Today we did a final one and I did great so I am just ready to get out into the real deal. Bring it on!
28.01.2017 – If I am going to watch 37 movies I better get started so with Rikke spending the weekend at her parents’ place I decided to start with the one she already watched. It was quite good and not as predictable as Disney movies normally are. I might already have figured out my favourite for the animation category.
29.01.2017 – I watched two whole movies today. Jackie and Moana. Moana is more of a “normal” Disney production and though there are some funny one liners I was way more invested in Zootopia. Being home alone during Oscar season is always great because there are all the movies to watch. Also I’m very tired during the week, so I have to give it a good push during my weekends.
30.01.2017 – Today was my first day answering calls. I didn’t have to be at work before 12, so I did laundry, had great tea and just hung out at home loving how many hours I had to get ready and how many things I could get done. Work was very quiet so I talked a lot with my colleagues and just enjoyed the sort of quiet before the storm.
31.01.2017 – Going to work at noon also means staying until eight. It is nice though and the mornings are very excellent me time. I am exhausted when I get home around nine, but then I just get to bed early. Having a job is hard but also kind of the best.
01.02.2017 – Early screening time. I had an early day at work today which means having the evening off and the opportunity to go to the cinema to watch Lion. Without spoiling anything I can tell you that I don’t think I stopped crying completely for the last 30 minutes of the movie. Go see it as soon as you have the chance. Dev Patel is brilliant (and he grew up so fiiine).

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