I have to find my way back home.


Oh, what a movie. So powerful, emotional, optimistic, sad and all the other emotions. It really ran the gamut. Everyone felt so real and complex. It was a delight to watch, even when it was breaking my heart.

It is not all the Oscar nominated movies that I find myself wanting to watch before hand, but I’m pretty sure I would have watched this no matter what, because it is a great story and it stars Dev Patel

I wanted this to be a picture of young Saroo and Guddu walking on the railroad, but I couldn’t find one. So let’s look at how beautiful Dev Patel is.

I love this movie. A lot. It is the perfect combination of heartbreaking and heartwarming. It is based on a true story, and while I’ve not read the book the screenplay is based on, I really like this interpretation of events. I like that we started the story with young Saroo and his family, how he got lost and survived before being adopted, before we saw grown up Saroo looking for his family. Thi could have easily been done with flashbacks, but that would mean the emotional journey would be lost. In order to better understand Saroo’s ordeal, we needed to be there with him from the beginning.

Sunny Pawar who plays young Saroo was phenomenal. He has an extremely expressive face that beautifully told the story. I hope to see him in more as he grows up, because he can act. I also really like the bond he had with Guddu. That relationship was really well done, and they felt like brothers.

Since this is a movie and movies often follows certain beats, I am very glad that they kept Saroo’s adoptive brother and showed how adoptive children doesn’t always have the easiest of lives, despite being given a new chance, so to speak. It helped ground the story and gave Nicole Kidman the opportunity to do some great acting and earn her nomination.

Dev Patel – who grew up fiiiiiiine – is amazing and totally deserves the nomination. Before watching the movies, I was a little annoyed that he was nominated in the supporting actor category, but because of the way the story is told, it makes sense. This is not just the story of Saroo finding his mother again, but also the story of how he got lost in the first place.

Lion is nominated in six categories. Best Picture, actor in a supporting role, actress in a supporting role, cinematography, original score and writing – adapted screenplay.

We are not watching all the movies nominated for cinematography this year, but I will say that this was a very beautiful movie that I enjoyed seeing on the big screen. Cinematography is a really difficult thing to describe in other ways than the movies looked beautiful. I also greatly enjoyed the score which enhanced the feelings without over doing it.


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  1. D. Kohler says:

    That is some fine growing he’s done. Fine growing indeed.

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