I will march with Jack, alone if necessary.

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. My mom was sick Sunday, so I spent the evening being kind and watching Jackie with her. Mom is a big fan of period dramas of any period. She likes the history, the costumes and sets. As do I, so we were very clearly poised to like Jackie from the get go.

So let’s talk Jackie and Natalie Portman with comments from mom! The reason why we are watching Jackie is because Natalie is nominated for actress in a leading role, but it is also nominated for costume design and original score.


The verdict is that we really liked Natalie Portman in this. Mom was really impressed with the physicality and natural flow she brings to the character and I agree. I know it is Natalie Portman, but I only see Jackie Kennedy. She really embody the role and we agree she deserves the nomination. She owns this movie, which is great since the movie is very much about her.

Other things we noticed:

  • Caspar Phillipson – a Dane – looks eerily like JFK. It is a little scary.
  • The 60’s feel of the whole movie is really well done. It felt a bit like the movie was actually filmed in the 60’s and the costumes are gorgeous. Very on point.
  • John Hurt as the priest was inspired and might be my favourite character of the whole movie.
  • I honestly didn’t really notice the score. I was focused on Natalie Portman blowing my mind and all the pretty.
  • Mom made me research all kinds of things related to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, like when she died (1994), where she’s buried (Next to JFK) among other things.
  • Mom really isn’t into rich people who don’t spend any time with their children. Even if they are the Kennedy’s
  • I really like that they integrated the White House Tour, so we got a bit more background of the character.
  • She is a real person and grieving, but she sure has a hard time deciding on how to do the funeral, which feels like a screenwriting jerk around.
  • Diana did research and found that Peter Sarsgaard is also technically Danish, because his paternal grandfather is half Danish and his last name is Danish.
  • Who the hell is this crown prince George of Denmark?! No seriously, I researched it and at the time of JFK’s death Denmark didn’t have a crown prince, let alone anyone named George.
  • I’m pretty sure Caspar Phillipson only speaks three sentence in one scene, which could have been dubbed. And then the audio from the White House tour is used for a later scene.

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