365 – week 9 – Diana

We are closing in on ten weeks of this madness of taking a picture every day. I rarely forget (and have to take a random picture in the evening), so you actually get the “real” side of my life. Not that it is particularly exciting.

New job and lots of new information. Enjoy.

19.01.2017 – Since I will be taking ‘all’ the calls I need the right head gear and today I got it. They are nice and we tried them out already be sitting in on some calls for the other agents. Four days in and it is all still so new but very very exciting.
20.01.2017 – As I mentioned last week my new workplace is right next to Aarhus Bryghus, which is a great excuse for going for a few beers with colleagues on Fridays. So naturally we did. I had this one and a 9% alc. one, which was quite a kick. I love this.
21.01.2017 – Mum and dad came for a visit because they had to go see the people of IKEA about new bathroom interior and also a new counter top for the kitchen. We hung out. Had coffee and laughed and talked. Then I was invited to go with them to IKEA for dinner, which was as yummy as ever. I had almost finished when I remembered to take a picture. So here is my almost finished plate of food. It tasted better than it looks.
22.01.2017 – Working means bringing lunches so I made pizza swirls. I also made hindbærsnitter but forgot to take a picture so you’ll have to do with these. Now I have lunch for a few weeks as I also did sausage rolls and meatballs. Quite the housewife when I want to be.
23.01.2017 – I just found this great advise so i thought I’d share it. Mondays are never that fun but when you remember “what you see is what you get” you have to put on a smile and Monday will bring you loads back.
24.01.2017 – Oscar nomination day! We watched the nominations (see post from yesterday) and then went to work on writing them all down along with their premiere dates and managed to squeeze in 37 movies to be watched this year covering 14 categories. It is going to be hard work to do in 33 days. We can do it.
25.01.2017 – Rikke went to donate blood today and she brought us each a balloon with our blood type. We both had to add the +, but that is a tiny thing. Wednesdays are perfect for blood donating and balloons. Not for so much else. I went to bed very early because my head is so full of all the new information.

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