Let the madness begin.

Another year around the sun and it is once again Oscar season in our little home. We watched the announcements together yesterday once Diana got home from work and promptly made our list of movies we aim to watch.

It is a little less ambitious than last year, because we have less days to accomplish the feat in and less time to devote to watching movies. So it is only 37 in total this year. It was 41 last year. Both of those numbers include 10 short films. We are not insane.

The nominees for Best Picture

The categories that we feel are a must see, and we can’t in any way avoid are:

  • Best Picture
  • Actor in a leading role
  • Actress in a leading role
  • Actor in a supporting role
  • Actress in supporting role
  • Animated Feature Film
  • Directing
  • Foreign Languge Film – even though we always pick Denmark as the winner
  • Writing – Adapted Screenplay
  • Writing – Original Screenplay

We also listen to all the songs nominated for Original Song and watch the short films when iTunes release their compilation pack a few days before the ceremony.

Those categories usually fit very well with each other, so that we only add one or two movies the further down the list we go. Since less movies is sadly a priority this year, we’ve decided only to add the categories where we’re already watching all the nominated movies. This year that is only one more category:  Film Editing.

We’ve surprised ourselves over the last years with really enjoying the sound categories, but this year we’re skipping them. Makeup and Hairstyling, Production Design and Visual Effects can surely be judged a bit based on trailers, so we’ll give our best guesses for all the categories come Oscar Night.

Of the 37 movies we are to watch, Diana has watched none and I have watched Zootopia.

This year I will try and write a little about all the movies we watch and not just a list of the good, the bad and the surprising. It is still early days, so please don’t hold me accountable.


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